FAWKFor All We Know
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Tom; if it wasn't Bill Fawks as gen me the terrier pup istid o' drowndin't it, an' I had to jaw him a good un afore he'd give it me.
Fawks and Sidney had the time of their lives with us at Holbeck Ghyll in Windermere, a lavish hotel with stunning restaurant, doggy a la carte room service menu and brilliant dog rooms with access to the gardens.
HAVE DOGS, WILL TRAVEL Eivissa, Tiger Lily, Sidney and Fawks ready to explore
I'm glad Fawks was right - mum and dad are home and they got us lots of nice things.
WALKIES: Deborah and Fawks STUNNING SCENERY: Bolton Abbey
I already boss my brother Fawks about, so a red thing with a different spelling will be no trouble.
It's nice to see Mum too, but Tiger and Fawks like her best - dad is mine.
Fawks and Sid will tell you about their news and I hope all our fans will do everything they can to help.
Fawks says it's because I'm dense but he is just jealous.
Also, your pets go on parade and Fawks and Sidney have managed to boot Tiger out of their column this week.