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FAWNFlorida Automated Weather Network
FAWNFarm Animal Welfare Network (University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA)
FAWNFlexible Adapter for Wireless Networking
FAWNFederation of Agricultural Workers, Nepal (trade union)
FAWNForestry Awareness Week Now (Alabama Forestry Commission; Montgomery, AL)
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We used postpartum behavior of reproductively active females as an indicator of the presence of fawns (Downing and McGinnes 1969; White and others 1972; Huegel and others 1985) and used vaginal implant transmitters (VITs; Advanced Telemetry Systems, Inc., Isanti, MN, USA) to assist in fawn capture (Swanson and others 2008).
The zoo has also had significant success maintaining Urial deer fawns. During the last few months, more than 10 fawns brought from the Salt Range region have been growing at the zoo for the past few months and were recently shifted to their pens.
Last month saw the birth of tiny penguin chicks, pudu deer fawns and prairie dog pups alongside Ballygeorge the giraffe calf.
One experiment in Texas doubled its fawn survival rate--but only for a year or two until the predator populations bounced back.
Chris Jennelle, research scientist for the Department of Natural Resources, early data have shown interesting dispersal--especially among "juvenile females" (doe fawns).
Did that protect their fawns? Although sample sizes were small, fawns born to does that carried antibodies had better survival rates when the fawns were inoculated with the EHDV-2 strain of EHD than fawns born to does that did not carry the antibodies.
After the fawn walked past and as the doe walked in front of him, it suddenly charged and shoved him to the ground.
The fawn was taken to the Oaken Acres Wildlife Center, a rehabilitation center in Sycamore.
ABSTRACT.--In May 2016 conjoined white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) fawns were found deceased in southeastern Minnesota.
The group of researchers moved the snake out of the wild into an open area where the python regurgitated the deer as the snake was stressed, Bartoszek said, adding the reptile would have fully digested the deer fawn. 
Centre manager Colin Seddon said: "Like all fawns orphaned at such a young age, Martini and the others need a lot of one to one attention as they are still being bottle fed.