FAWUFood and Allied Workers' Union (South Africa)
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SAB MD Mauricio Leyva says: We are most pleased that we have reached an agreement with FAWU which ends the strike at SAB.
SAB and FAWU have agreed that all salaries and wages for bargaining unit employees will be backdated to 1st July 2013.
Regression analysis was performed to determine the relationships of total SY with FAWU at time of irrigation, seasonal [ET.sub.c] and seasonal CWSI.
Even though total SY was related to soil-water status at the time of irrigation and was a function of FAWU (Fig.
Characteristics Percentage Harvested Total shattered Variable seed yield seed yield seed r Average [ET.sub.c] -0.41 -0.34 0.67(**) Total [ET.sub.c] -0.30 -0.23 0.75(**) Crop coefficient ([k.sub.c]) -0.22 -0.15 0.67(**) CWSI 0.35 0.33 -0.60(*) FAWU 0.35 0.35 -0.48 Soil-water change 0.30 0.34 -0.24 Precipitation -0.46 -0.52 0.05 Applied water -0.29 -0.27 0.55(*) Characteristics Variable TAGP Harvest index r Average [ET.sub.c] 0.02 -0.50 Total [ET.sub.c] 0.87(***) -0.43 Crop coefficient ([k.sub.c]) 0.76(**) -0.34 CWSI -0.90(***) 0.47 FAWU -0.88(***) 0.46 Soil-water change -0.72(**) 0.41 Precipitation 0.27 -0.45 Applied water 0.90(***) -0.43 (*), (**), and (***) indicate significance at P [is less than or equal to] 0.05, 0.01, and 0.001, respectively for n = 14.
The FDARD launch follows a series of engagements with Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU), farm workers and dwellers throughout the Province, which looked at ways of improving the relationship between all parties involved, through the establishment of a mutually beneficial developmental programme.
Pearson's correlation coefficient (r) analysis was used to test functional relationship between shattered seed losses with plant water stress index and soil-water status (fraction of available water used, FAWU) (Garcia-Diaz and Steiner, 1999).
Even though total amount of shattered seeds was correlated with CWSI and FAWU (r = 0.46; P [is less than or equal to] 0.10 and r = 0.51; P [is less than or equal to] 0.06, respectively), harvested seed yield was not (r = 0.33; P [is less than or equal to] 0.26 and r = 0.35; P [is less than or equal to] 0.22, respectively).
Easily the most notable of these was an eight week struggle by 300 brewery workers in Butterworth which secured community support for a consumer boycott, and entailed a heavy police involvement, the mass dismissal of workers and, not least, the demand for the recognition of COSATU's Food and Allied Workers' Union (FAWU).
The stakeholders that participated in the public hearings included Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU), Hout Bay Fishers, TREK Fishers, Kalk Bay Forum of Fishers and individual fishermen.
Standard errors of the mean were estimated for VWC and FAWU. Student's t pairwise comparisons were used to contrast crop WUE between years in 1994 and 1995 and between treatments LS and C in 1996.
Crop season length, seasonal crop water stress index (CWSI), seasonal fraction of available soil-water used (FAWU), change in soil water content, precipitation, applied water, seasonal estimated crop evapotranspiration ([ET.sub.c]), pan evaporation, seasonal reference evapotranspiration ([ET.sub.r]), and crop coefficient for six birdsfoot trefoil seed irrigation treatments in 1994 and 1995, and two treatments in 1996.