FAWUFood and Allied Workers' Union (South Africa)
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c], evapotranspiration; FAWU, fraction of available water used; LS, low stress treatment; SY, seed yield; and TAGP, total above-ground phytomass.
The percentage of total shattered seeds lost by harvest time was negatively correlated with CWSI and FAWU (r = -0.
Abbreviations: CWSI, crop water stress index; FAWU, fraction of available water used; FC, field capacity; HU, heat units; LS, low-stress treatment; C, non-irrigated control treatment; RH, relative humidity; T, average daily temperature; VPD, vapor pressure deficit.
Crop Treatment season Seasonal Seasonal ([dagger]) length CWSI FAWU -- mm -- d 1994 Low stress 100 a([dagger]) 0.
The FAWU values for the nonstressed treatment was less than all other treatments in all 3 yr (Table 1).
Neutron attenuation measurements were used to determine the FAWU and amount of applied water that needed to be applied.
The FAWU increased with time until irrigation water was applied (Fig.