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FAinSFamily Advice and Information Service (Legal Services Commission; UK)
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ISMENE Therefore they fain would have thee close at hand, Not where thou wouldst be master of thyself.
OEDIPUS I fain would hear it; that imports the most.
1) Ill it is, stranger, to awake Pain that long since has ceased to ache, And yet I fain would hear--
Wherefore, I like you well, and would fain know your name."
The northeast wind blew keenly across the naked waste, and they were fain to decamp from their inhospitable bivouac before the dawn.
"Ay," quoth the Tinker, "blow thou mayest, but go thou must with me to Nottingham Town, for the Sheriff would fain see thee there.
"There stands a tinker," quoth Robin, "that would fain take me to Nottingham, there to hang upon the gallows tree."
Fain am I to own thou art both a stouter and a slyer man than I; so I will obey thee and be thine own true servant."