FBAAFinance Brokers Association of Australia (est. 1992)
FBAAFédération Belge des Exploitants d'Autobus et d'Autocars (French: Belgian Federation of Bus and Coach Operators; Belgium)
FBAAFederation of Bloodstock Agents Australia (horse breeding group)
FBAAFair Business Association of America
FBAAFood and Beverage Association of America (trade organization)
FBAAFellow of the British Association of Accountants and Auditors
FBAAFacebook Addicts Anonymous (Facebook group)
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5 Moloney sarcoma 3 and 30 virus Rat BP, MNU 3-4 and 9-14 Bone Rat Radionuclides 2-3 and 8-10 Mammary gland Rat DMBA, MC Maximal sensitivity at 50 to 75 days DMBA, MNU 3-4 and 14-16 FBAA 1-6 and 12 Estrogens 1 and 20 [7.
The Future of Bus and Coach Transportation in Europe: a conference jointly organised by IRU, FBAA, BAAV in Kortrijk, Belgium, on October 15.