FBACFort Bend Astronomy Club (est. 1984; Stafford, TX)
FBACFylde Boat Angling Club
FBACFunctionality-Based Application Confinement (computer security)
FBACFur Breeders Agricultural Cooperative (Logan, UT)
FBACFaculty Budget Advisory Committee (Johns Hopkins University)
FBACFrank Broyles Athletic Complex (Arkansas)
FBACFight Back Against Crime (Atlanta, GA)
FBACFringe Benefits Advisory Council (University of Wisconsin)
FBACFaith Bible Alliance Church (Neosho, WI)
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When a request q{ is rejected by the standard ABAC module because it can not exactly match any policy, the FBAC system will turn to fuzzy evaluation component for further judgments.
The FBAC gives the administrators greater freedom to determine the attributes which should be fuzzy processed based on practical administrative needs.
After obtaining the matching degree [mu]([q.sub.i]) the FBAC will compare [mu](q;) with the rejection threshold H.
When the FBAC is initialized, every [mathematical expression not reproducible], will be set as [c.sub.max] without discrimination.
Furthermore, for achieving better credit management and thereby controlling credit abuse risks, a periodic manual audit mechanism is also integrated into the FBAC model.
This subsection provides a case study of FBAC to help people understand how it works in detail.
Assuming there exists an FBAC system with the threshold H = 0.8, [c.sub.max] = 0.3, r = 0.5 and two clauses in the policy set as follows:
When request [q.sub.1] is initiated, the FBAC attempts to match [q.sub.1] with policies but fails.
In this section, we will briefly analyze the effect on usability and security of FBAC, followed by complexity analyses.
To describe the enhancive effect on the overall resource usability of FBAC, we chose the granted rate, which is defined as the rate of the granted requests to total requests per unit time, as a reflection of usability.
Since FBAC shares the same [R.sub.normal] with its elder sibling ABAC obviously, the FBAC obtains extra usability improvement AU which is positively correlated with [R.sub.special] when compared with ordinary ABAC, namely,
Apparently, the FBAC would deteriorate to standard ABAC if H tends to the upper bound, i.e., the value 1 in our case.