FBACKFast Binding Acknowledgement
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(5) [LMA.sub.1] uses FBAck message as notices for informing pre-procedures that are completed to MR, [MAG.sub.2], [MAG.sub.3], and LMA2.
As for the fast reply for them, pLMA(previous LMA) and pMAG transmit FBAck and (AUTH REP) to pLMA.
* Step 17: FBAck message: Once the pAR has received acknowledgment of HI message, it sends FBAck to MN.
In response to HI message HAck message was sent to pAR and this was acknowledged with FBAck message by pAR.
De acuerdo a lo anterior y suponiendo que el nodo movil empieza el handover de capa 2 apenas envia el FBU, el tiempo de handover dependera de: el tiempo de handover de capa 2 y el tiempo que tarda el MAP en registrar la LCoA y enviar el FBAck indicando que empieza a retransmitir los paquetes por medio del NAR.
[t.sub.MAP-PAR] = Tiempo de transmision del mensaje FBACK entre MAP-PAR.
[t.sub.PAR-MN] = Tiempo de transmision del mensaje FBACK PAR-MN.
aid: ned ons "Many of the issues we fought fback then, such as a fair wage fworkers and proper pension provisioare still relevant today.
In FMIPv6, instead of the LP, the MN exchanges FBU and FBAcK with pAR involving in the signaling [7] with nAR to get the prefix information of nAR.
ln Earn = b0 + b2 Edu + b3 Age + b4 Exper + b5 Occup + b6 G + b7 WH + b8 SSCs + b9 Fback + b10 Compu + b11 EduS + b12 FStatus + e (Model 2)
FBack = Family background which is measured by father's education (in years of schooling).
Se supone un tiempo de handover de capa 2 de 20ms, lo cual es un valor tipico, la velocidad del enlace radio igual a 11Mbps, los enlaces MAP-AR igual a 100Mbps y los mensajes FBU, FBACK, HI, HACK de 64 bytes(Perkins, C.