FBBFolding Box Board (various companies)
FBBFemale Body Builder
FBBFiber Broadband Building
FBBFantasy Baseball
FBBFamily Building Blocks (Salem, OR)
FBBFusion Bodybuilding (supplements)
FBBFreshman Boys Basketball (Wisconsin)
FBBFoundation Beyond Belief (Alpharetta, GA)
FBBFixed Broadband (Internet connection)
FBBFast Back-To-Back (Cisco)
FBBFédération Belge de la Brique (French: Belgian Brick Federation; Belgium)
FBBFleet Broad Band (telecommunications; various companies)
FBBForward-Body Bias
FBBFrom Backplane Buffer (Cisco)
FBBFoulayronnes Basket Ball (France)
FBBFury Balrog Blade (gaming)
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The current team is the third FBB has sent to the region.
Deliver innovative data offers and use cases to attract customers to use FBB data service
FBB decided to participate in the ITAP program, Mussio says, because while "up to this point we've been successful," the firm still dealt with issues around growth and strategic planning "on a more reactive basis.
To tackle this issue, Huawei's FBB Innovation Lab used the core solution TDD-OFDM, which simplifies the physical-layer architecture and the AFE design, while at the same time making it possible to be downward compatible with traditional ADSL/VDSL2 technologies.
Prior to this ADAS conducted a scoping survey for FBB in preparation for the development of a 'British Food Directory', which identified over 1,200 regional foods and products for inclusion in the directory.
A total of 21 badminton clubs entered the competition as follows: ABC, BADDICTS, CRTC, Desert Falcons, Faisaliance, FBB, FUSION, IIEE, Indomie, Jaunty, Jaguars, Jeddah Hotshot, KBC, KINC, Mixed Nuts, Red Sea Dragons, SBG, Smash Arabia, Smashing Pirates, Supremo, UAP and some independent players.
In a petition submitted to the National Assembly, the FBB said Welsh councils - which will see massive cuts to their budgets in April after cuts were handed down by the Welsh Government - were spending millions in cleaning up polystyrene packaging, arguing it was detrimental to wildlife and beach environments and that "millions" of polystyrene food and drinks cartons were littering Welsh beaches and countryside.
Re then served a little over a year as CEO of airberlin, in which period FBB was taken to court over the opening delays.
more packaging board capacity will go in Finland with the divestment of the Pankakoski mill, which produces some 95,000 metric tons/yr of FBB, WPB and SBS
The teams entered in the three-day competition are as follows: ABC, ABC-Assir, ACE-Jeddah, ASEAN-PBC, Avocado, Badsminton, Bagetz-Riyadh, Battledores, Baddicts-Riyadh, Bibitss Badminton Camp, BIR-Riyadh, CRTC, D'Club Jaunty, Desert Falcons, D'Smaikers, Evenlode, FBB, FLEEQ, Fun, Hataw, Indo, INDP-Riyadh, IPBC, Jaguars, JBA, JBCR, Jeddah Club, Jeddah Royals, Jeddah Slashers, Jeddah Smashing Pirates, Jordan, KBC, KINC,MBA, Olympia, Pak Tigers, PBB, PBC-Riyadh, Phogi, Phombag-Riyadh, RBC-Assir, Red Sea Dragons, RESC-Riyadh, Riyadh Team, RSC-Riyadh, SABC-Riyadh, Shuttle Eagle, Smash Arabia, SSBC-Riyadh, Supremo, Syria and USC-Riyadh.