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La teneur en proteines des farines d'igname non fermentees (6,56 g/100 g FBbNF et 4,81 [+ ou -] 0,01 g/100 FKPNF), augmente significativement avec la fermentation (7,38 [+ ou -] 0,27 g/100 FBbF; et 5,25 [+ ou -] 0,43 g/100 FKpF mais est significativement inferieure aux recommandations (15,35 a 36,46 g/100 g MS) [21].
With global optimization (FBBF arbor setup), strips are created that guarantee the best part yield possible when the strips are chopped into parts.
SFBBF FBBF Cutting strip strip Yield bill Grade mix yield yield difference A 50 percent FAS, 50 percent 94.10 91.55 2.55 1 Common A 100 percent 1 Common 93.21 91.18 2.03 A 50 percent 1 Com., 50 92.65 91.04 1.61 percent 2 A Com.
The other use for these arbors is to generate the series of optimum fixed spacing sequences that are used by ROMI-3 to arrive at the most desirable fixed-blade saw spacing sequence for the FBBF arbors.
To illustrate the processing powers of the ROMI-3 simulator, a comparison of the processing of a sample cutting bill (Table 1) using both chop-first processing as well as rip-first processing for the FBBF, SFBBF, and ABM arbors is presented.
To use the FBBF and SFBBF arbors, an optimal arbor sequence is needed.