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FBCB2Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade-and-Below
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Lastly, the unit must install and operate their FBCB2 ABCS Interoperability Client.
This led efforts to identify software programs resident in the DCGS-A suite and develop procedures that would allow direct dissemination from DCGS-A platforms to each battalion's organic FBCB2 equipment on the lower tactical infrastructure.
The FBCB2 BFT system is the digitized battle command information system for mounted and dismounted units, which provides real-time information for brigade and below units.
While all service providers had a shot in the competitive environment and all were treated equally, PM JBC-P, then known as PM FBCB2, decided to no longer accept the status quo.
All personnel complete one last check on their FBCB2 or BFT and call a radio check in to the CLP commander.
The database consists of entries filled with information on every single FBCB2 system.
MFoCS was developed and produced based on knowledge and experience gained through over 18 years of delivering mission critical computing components for such programs as FBCB2, JBC-P, BFT, MTS Logistics as well as the UK Army Bowman program.
During an NTC rotation in 2013, the Warhorse Brigade was able to disseminate intelligence products made on DCGS-A directly to CPOF and FBCB2 across the Brigade.
TIER 1 PERSONNEL SYSTEMS * 1-DSE CPOF, AFATOS, BCS3, Command Web * 1-FBCB2/BFT FBCB2 platform, EPLRS, JCR, TIGR * 1-EPLRS FBCB2 platform, EPLRS, JCR, TIGR * 1-DCGS-A/DTSS DCGS-A, DTSS, TGS, Prophet, Trojan * 1-MC Server (TMC BCCS) Mission Command Servers * 1-CHS CHS * 1-TOC/CPP ADAM * 1-CECOM SENSOR Multifunctional: Firefinder, Prophet, Trojan, Profiler, TGS, GBS, LCMR * 1-CECOM IT RADIO Multifunctional: Tactical Radios, GBS, NVGs, DAGR.
Fielding now is Joint Capabilities Release (JCR), which provides a "bridge" between FBCB2 and JBC-P.
The following line item numbers (LINs) are reportable end items according to AR 700-138, Army Logistics Readiness and Sustainability, and as identified in the MMDF: LIN C18378, NSN 7010-01-513-8459 (AN/UYK-128(V)3, FBCB2 BFT) and NSN 7010-01-597-1569 (AN/UYK-128A (V)3, FBCB2 BFT JCR); LIN C05069, NSN 7010-01-475-5277 (AN/UYK-128(V)1, FBCB2 Terrestrial) and UN C13866, NSN 7010-01-597-8829 (AN/ GYK-62F, BFT 2 TOC Kit w/KGV-72).