FBCHFort Belvoir Community Hospital (US Army; Virginia)
FBCHFirst Baptist Church Hendersonville (Hendersonville, TN)
FBCHFirst Baptist Church of Hammond (Indiana)
FBCHFirst Baptist Church Harvester (St. Charles, MO)
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The primary test of the professional opportunities hypothesis focuses on the coefficients for FBCH, DIVIA, TOTNFL, A VGDRAFT, and NDRAFT.
The coefficient for MBBCH is also twice as large as the coefficient for FBCH, suggesting that men's basketball graduation rates are more strongly influenced by professional opportunities.
For example, the comptroller is a voting member of the hospital's governing board at WRNMMC but is represented by the deputy commander for administration at FBCH.
As of this writing 2 years since the merger, in addition to the 2 civilians, a total of 21 Medical Corps officers, 5 Nurse Corps officers, 15 Medical Service Corps officers (including pharmacist, psychologist, social worker, optometrist, and administrator specialties), and 2 Dental Corps officers have served as either chief of staff, assistant chief of staff, or deputy commander at FBCH and WRNMMC.