FBCHFort Belvoir Community Hospital (US Army; Virginia)
FBCHFirst Baptist Church Hendersonville (Hendersonville, TN)
FBCHFirst Baptist Church of Hammond (Indiana)
FBCHFirst Baptist Church Harvester (St. Charles, MO)
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Senior civilian and military leadership accomplished this through the reviews noted above, and a follow-up evaluation by the Defense Health Board (DHB) entitled "Achieving World Class." (5) The latter review examined the planned integration of military medical facilities in the NCR, and plans for WRNMMC and FBCH to determine if they were being designed and constructed to be world-class medical facilities.
Facility lessons learned at WRAMC were applied during construction of WRNMMC and FBCH. (8) The JTF CapMed modified the standard Army Warrior Complex plans to better suit more severely wounded casualties.
The primary test of the professional opportunities hypothesis focuses on the coefficients for FBCH, DIVIA, TOTNFL, A VGDRAFT, and NDRAFT.
Table 4 Final Structural Estimates for Football Graduation Rates (n = 170) Variable Coefficient Standard Error t-ratio Constant 1.77666 0.487146 3.64708 BLACK -0.131632 0.557808E-01 -2.35981 SAT -0.961425E-03 0.261051E-03 -3.68291 ACCEPT -0.197707E-02 0.108088E-02 -1.82913 FBCH -0.109021E-01 0.790392E-02 -1.37933 DIV1A -0.129752 0.331008E-01 -3.91991 FBGPA -0.513104E-01 0.820703E-01 -0.62520 FBSAT -0.477280E-03 0.498530E-03 -0.95737 TOTNFL -0.883819E-02 0.349431E-02 -2.52931 AVGDRAFT -0.356518E-03 0.342781E-03 -1.04008 NDRAFT 0.515449E-02 0.315508E-02 1.63371 MENGHAT 1.02452 0.130641 7.84224 Neither of the measures of the underlying academic characteristics of the football players, FBGPA and FBSAT, is significant in the structural equation for football graduation rates.
The coefficient for MBBCH is also twice as large as the coefficient for FBCH, suggesting that men's basketball graduation rates are more strongly influenced by professional opportunities.
There is a fourth ACOS at FBCH, the ACOS for nursing, who serves as the assistant deputy commander for nursing as well as the chair of the executive committee of the nursing staff.
For example, the comptroller is a voting member of the hospital's governing board at WRNMMC but is represented by the deputy commander for administration at FBCH. Prominent in both governance systems is the role of the assistant deputy commander for each of the major directorates.