FBCIFaith-Based and Community Initiatives
FBCIFellow of the Business Continuity Institute
FBCIForm-Based Codes Institute
FBCIFirst Banking Center Inc. (Wisconsin)
FBCIFood Biotechnology Communications Initiative (EU)
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Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a treatment package that embeds FBI throughout Cycle of Acting-Out, called function-based crisis intervention (FBCI), on the rates of severe challenging behavior for students with autism.
(69) Furthermore, any FBCI or insurance income that is subject
As director of FBCI, Pauley will support the mission of the SBA by building deeper connections, strengthening relationships and enhancing communications with these leaders and organizations, improving economic development and job creation.
An exception to FBCI arises when a CFC's income was subject to an effective rate of income tax imposed by a foreign country that is greater than ninety percent of the U.S.
The results were interpreted as a synergistic effect if FICI and FBCI [less than or equal to] 0.5 and as an additive effect if 0.5 [less than or equal to] FICI and FBCI [less than or equal to] 4.
The combination of oxacillin and CT resulted in a reduction in the MICs/MBCs for isolates VRSA 1-2 and MSSA 1-2, with the MICs/MBCs of 2/16 or 8/128 [micro]g/mL, for oxacillin becoming 0.125/0.125-0.25 [micro]g/mL and reduced by [greater than or equal to]4-fold, evidencing a synergistic effect as defined by a FICI and FBCI of [less than or equal to]0.5 (Table 2).
FBCI is based on the assumptions that an inpatient hospitalization is not necessarily the most helpful level of psychiatric care for adolescents with suicidal ideation/behavior, that families and caregivers are able to provide support to an adolescent family member if given both an opportunity and effective tools to use, and that a family that learns to support an adolescent while he or she is in crisis will be empowered to provide ongoing support once the acute psychiatric crisis subsides.
The FBCI has been "a quiet revolution in how government engages community partners to address human need and how public and private interests combined for the common good," according to the report.
(ii) such related person would not have derived any FBCI (determined without regard to the same-country exception) or any ECI, from such receivable if it had been collected by such related person.
Over the past four years, the president's Faith-Based and Community Initiative (FBCI) has transformed federal rules and policies concerning the public funding of faith-based social service providers (FBOs).
One valuable backup method from Phillip Jan Rothstein, FBCI (www.rothstein.com) is to have a reciprocal agreement with another accounting firm.
At the beginning of his remarks the president thanked profusely various Christian representatives for their support and involvement in community services and praised the work of representatives from the faith-based programs he'd set up in seven cabinet departments since the announcement of his Faith-Based and Community Initiative (FBCI) in January 2001.