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FBCOFaith-Based and Community Organizations
FBCOFirst Baptist Church Owasso (Owasso, OK)
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The FBCI goals envisioned a repositioning of FBCOs to play an expanded and enhanced role in social service delivery through participation in existing agency programs.
The policy foci of the FBCI potentially provided a wide range of opportunities for FBCOs to receive federal funding to support their disparate social services interests.
The Unlevel Playing Field report was the result of an audit of the utilization of FBCOs by the five federal agencies within which FBCI centers had been initially established.
The second course of action in the implementation of the FBCI entailed preparing new entrant FBCOs to be effective participants in the competitive federal funding arena.
Agencies issued new guidebooks for FBCOs that offered ideas and suggestions for how they could leverage their interests and resources to secure federal funds in addressing community problems.
The Targeted Capacity Building Program made onetime awards up to a maximum of $50,000 to increase the capacity of FBCOs to provide social services in CCF priority areas.