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FBCSFellow of the British Computer Society
FBCSFujitsu Business Communication Systems
FBCSFood and Beverage Classification System (Australia)
FBCSFreedom Bible College and Seminary (Rogers, AK)
FBCSFixed Base Crew Station
FBCSFort Branch Community School (Fort Branch, IN)
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To generate a dataset of CC users, we first extracted CDW Fee data and linked that data to the FBCS tables, which was necessary in order to obtain the Category of Care variable.
"As I pursued opening a telepharmacy to serve and care for more patients remotely, my FBC advised me through all the contracting and regulatory changes," recalls LaDonna Poehler, pharmacist at Medicine Shoppe stores in Newton and Dieterich, Ill.
Caption: Figure 4: Mineralogical composition of FBCs at 850[degrees]C without GRPd (STD) and with 10% vol.
Microcytosis, with or without red cell hypochromia, is a common abnormality detected in a full blood count (FBC) and often prompts clinicians to investigate further for a cause.
approximately 400 form-based codes (FBCs) have been prepared for
This type of fouling is not common in FBCs because they are normally operated at temperatures well above at which Ca[(OH).sub.2] is stable under atmospheric conditions ([less than or equal to]450[degrees]C).
Using a random nonwoven mesh of PCL nanofibers (average diameter = 700 nm), the functionality of the 3-dimensional structure of electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds in controlling chondrogenic differentiation in fetal bovine chondrocytes (FBCs) was evaluated.
Jonathan Bishop LLM FBCS, editor of Examining the Concepts, Issues, and Implications of Internet Trolling
Patients receiving AZT, D4T or cotrimoxazole may experience abnormalities in their FBCs. Significant bone marrow toxicity from cotrimoxazole generally only occurs with high doses used for treating opportunistic infections.
Ninety-two FBCs (33.7% of total) were performed of which 81 (88%) were recommended.