FBDIMMFully Buffered DIMM (version of DRAM)
FBDIMMFully Buffered Dimm
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Key Features of Pericom's Gen2 Clock Buffer Products -- PCI Express Gen2 differential output, zero delay clock buffer family for providing reference clocks for 5.0Gbps serial connectivity -- Meets reference clock requirements of FBDIMM memory modules in servers and workstations -- Approved for Dual Core Xeon(R) CPU server motherboard designs -- Less than 1 picosecond additive rms jitter -- Cost effective, small footprint, Pb-free-and-Green packaging -- High ESD tolerance -- Wide range of from 4 to 19 total spread spectrum compatible differential outputs
This family provides reference clocks for serial connectivity at 5.0 Gigabits-per- second (5.0Gbps) and meets the reference clock requirements of Fully Buffered DIMM (FBDIMM) memory modules for workstation and server applications.
2U with 16 FBDIMM for 128GB memory, 6 hot-swap SATA & redundant (1+1) 700-watt high-efficiency power supplies
4U/tower with 16 FBDIMM for 128GB memory, 6 hot-swap SATA, redundant (1+1) 800-watt high-efficiency power supplies & 100% cooling redundancy
However, serial memory interface, supporting fully buffered dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) (FBDIMMs), has not been able to replace the conventional parallel memory interfaces.
The PRIMERGY S3 generation reportedly supports dual-core Intel Xeon processors with VT technology; a separate, independent second bus included in the chipset (up to 1.333GHz) for each processor; new fully buffered DIMMs (FBDIMMs) providing a high-bandwidth, large-capacity channel solution; enhanced ECC (retry double bit errors) and CRC; as well as new SAS (serial attached SCSI) serial hard disk technologies to ensure high system performance.