FBDOFerris Bueller's Day Off (movie)
FBDOFellow of British Dispensing Opticians (UK)
FBDOFoodborne Disease Outbreak
FBDOFederation of British Dispensing Opticians (UK)
FBDOFellow of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians
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Results indicated that hospitalization and death were more likely to be associated with a multistate FBDO than an interstate one (hospitalization: p < .
Finally, the nature of FBDO reporting, as well as rates of uninsurance and underinsurance and therefore decreased likelihood of presentation at a medical facility, lend themselves to underreporting and make the results of our study highly conservative.
The growing burden of FBDO due to contaminated fresh produce: Risks and opportunities.
TABLE 1 Summary of All Foodborne Disease Outbreak (FBDO) Outcomes, 1998-2007 FBDO Outcome Intra- Multi- Significance Cl (a) (95%) state state Average Average (Two- Lower Upper Tailed)* Total 38.
During 2006, public health officials reported a total of 1,270 FBDOs from 48 states.
Public health officials identified a food vehicle in 528 (42%) FBDOs, of which 243 (46%) outbreaks with 6,395 (50%) cases were classified as having ingredients belonging to only one of the 17 commodities (Table 2).
Many factors in detection and reporting likely contribute to variations in the rate of reported FBDOs among states.
Please note that although one-person outbreaks do not meet the eFORS FBDO case definition, 22 such outbreaks were included in the eFORS database and thus were included in analyses.
CDC's eFORS database brought great improvements in national FBDO surveillance by offering states opportunities to compare their FBDO experiences to other states.
As the likelihood of obtaining food and clinical specimens increases with the size and severity of a FBDO, with the exception of one-case FBDOs, it is not surprising that the proportion of outbreaks with a confirmed etiology in Florida was much lower than the national data.
Although clinical validation studies are needed to determine the exact etiology of these illnesses, APDIC might help PCHD identify FBDOs earlier through detection of new cases of foodborne illness.
APDIC might provide a useful addition to the PCHD's syndromic surveillance system and might assist in early detection of FBDOs.