FBFRForearm Blood Flow Ratio (cardiology)
FBFRfirst break first repair
FBFRFielded Buffer for Request
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Karen Jones, 34, of Middlehey Av, Prescot 3 X PTCOJ and 6 x FBFR - 4-month custodial.
Rebecca Mottram, 40, of Courthope Road, Walton 2 X PTCOJ and 1 x FBFR - 9 month custodial, suspended for 18 months.
Stephen Blundell, 34, of Leathers Lane, Halewood 1 x PTCOJ and 1 x FBFR - Currently wanted on warrant in Exeter.
Stephen French, 54, from Prenton 6 x CTPTCOJ and 2 x FBFR - 10-month prison sentence to run consecutively to current jail sentence and a 30-month disqualification effective upon release Not pictured: Paul Ferraiolo, 36, of Tern Close, Widnes 1 x PTCOJ - 6-month custodial, suspended for 12 months.