FBGOAFederation of British Greyhound Owners Association (UK)
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One person who will be missed by many in the sport is Stuart Locke-Hart, the chairman of FBGOA, who sadly passed away on Friday morning after a long battle against cancer.
Remember too that the FBGOA, as an amalgam of individual track owners' associations, is by its very nature not representative of open-racing either.
A change to the GBGB's articles of association, and the replacement of the FBGOA as practitioner nominator by the formation of a national owners' association to mirror the GTA's role for trainers, is probably long overdue.
Meek and McEllistrim stated that both the GTA and the FBGOA, chaired by Stuart Locke-Hart, are represented on the GBGB board and that progress is being made.
Last week, Greyhound Trainers' Association (GTA) chair Norah McEllistrim said that she thought the decision to sanction the breaking of seals on samples before HFL were sent them was a "resignation matter", while GBGB board member Stuart Locke-Hart, speaking in his role as chairman of the Federation of British Greyhound Owners' Associations (FBGOA), yesterday said Taylor's position had "become untenable".
Speaking before tomorrow's hastily-arranged board meeting, which is expected to discuss the fallout from the Greyhound Regulatory Board's controversial pooling of drugs samples, Locke-Hart stressed that he was commenting as chairman of the Federation of British Greyhound Owners' Associations (FBGOA) rather than in his role as a GBGB board member.
Locke-Hart said: "The FBGOA totally supports [Greyhound Trainers' Association chair] Norah McEllistrim's comments in last Friday's Racing Post and will carry forward her voice to the GBGB board, of which I am a sole voice representing not only owners, but also trainers and breeders."
STUART LOCKE-HART, chairman of the Federation of British Greyhound Owners' Assocation (FBGOA), who sits on the GBGB representing owners and trainers, has hit out at the sport's rulers for a "lack of consultation" over the new vets' inspection forms issue, writes Jonathan Hobbs.
In a statement, the FBGOA said: "The Federation of British Greyhound Owners Association applauds the efforts made by Walthamstow greyhound owners to keep racing at the Stow.
All stakeholders had been informed of the Stewards' decision prior to the public notice being made' those included the RGT, the BGRB, the chairman of the Greyhound Trainers' Association, the chairman of the FBGOA, the RCPA and the BGRF.