FBKSFailure Between Keyboard and Seat
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The agreement was signed on Thursday by Skoltech President Alexander Kuleshov and FBK President Francesco Profumo, who flew to Moscow for the occasion.
On the occasion of the signing, of the agreement FBK President Profumo said: Among the numerous internationalization activities of FBK , in recent months we have worked in particular on an agreement with this young, but already big Russian institution, Skoltech.
Skoltech Professor Alessandro Golkar, who played a key role in establishing ties between Skoltech and FBK, said, FBK is a highly renowned research institution in Italy, with an important track record of achievements in science and technology.
The framework agreement establishes several joint initiatives, including the co-financing of two scholarships within the FBK PhD program.
Just because some FBK seniors say they would like to work for the federal government does not mean that they ultimately will.