FBMIFederal Bureau of Miscellaneous Information (Letterman's Fun Facts segment)
FBMIFocused Beam Microwave Irradiation
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Besides the promotion in Dubai, FBMI has something more to cheer this month.
Of the hundreds of designs pouring in, six were handcrafted in Afghanistan by FBMI and showcased at Domotex, giving viewers a glimpse of Afghanistan's rich heritage.
Walied Jabarkhyl, executive director, FBMI, said: "Most women in Afghanistan are uneducated.
But FBMI sets up looms for them in their homes, so it's safe".
In the future, FBMI hopes to set up weaving centres in each of Afghanistan's 34 provinces, benefitting local economies as the country shifts away from an economy revolving around the presence of American and other coalition troops.
All proceeds of the carpets will go to the programme which provides free health care, children's education, of improved sanitation and access to clean water, adult vocational training, and capacity development," said Maywan Jabarkhyl, general manager of Tanweer FBMI.
The Tanweer FBMI initiative targets the poorest in society through employment at refugee camps as far as the Pakistan border.
Tanweer FBMI produces carpets which are woven using indigenous Afghan wool purchased from Afghan traders.
She first heard about Tanweer FBMI from Aziza, a representative of the organisation, and was attracted by the higher wages that were paid in local Afghan currency.
FBMI medical staff provide monthly checkups and essential medical supplies, including medication, masks and soap.
As a humanitarian initiative of Shaikha Fatema bint Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, FBMI will offer demonstrations of carpet weaving and wool spinning.
More than 4,000 Afghan workers are currently producing the carpets through FBMI, which employs traditional crafting methods, operating strictly within Afghanistan using wool and natural vegetable dyes and ensuring that all carpets are 100 per cent ethically made.