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FBMLFacebook Markup Language
FBMLFrancis Bitter Magnet Laboratory (MIT; Cambridge, MA)
FBMLFred Bear Montana Longbow
FBMLForwarding Burdened Multicast Latency
FBMLFood Bank Markup Language
FBMLfBm Lacunarity
FBMLFunctional Brain Mapping Lab
FBMLFolke Bernadotte Memorial Library (Gustavus Adolphus College; St. Peter, MN)
FBMLFlamebaiter Markup Language
FBMLFunctional Bionetwork Markup Language
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New platform functionality reportedly includes: application registration; Facebook authorisation and single sign-on; FBML support; as well as Facebook model support.
Users must first enable the free Static FBML application on their Page, which will allow them to paste in the design code from FaceItPages.com.