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FBNFox Business Network (TV news channel)
FBNFortis Bank Nederland (Dutch bank)
FBNFurniture Brands International, Inc. (stock symbol)
FBNFederal Base Networks
FBNFile Box Number
FBNFly By Night
FBNFirst Bank of Nigeria Plc
FBNFlorida Board of Nursing
FBNFederal Base Network (US NOAA)
FBNForeign Bills Negotiated
FBNFictious Business Name
FBNFeminist Bookstore News (publication)
FBNFinancial Broadcasting Network
FBNFédération Bordeaux Neurosciences (France)
FBNFamily Bible Notes
FBNFitness Business News (publication)
FBNFlorida Bass Network (fishing website)
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The new agreement ensures all FOX News Media properties will continue to appear on SiriusXM designated channels, with FNC airing on Channel 114, FBN on Channel 113 and FOX News Headlines 24/7 on Channel 115.
Christa Khn from FBN's Institute of Genome Biology.
These factors have also driven the upgrade of FBNH's and FBN's National Ratings, given the improvement in their credit profiles relative to other Nigerian issuers.
He decided to pay the $700 annual fee and give FBN a try.
In the past five years, the FBN has created an online database of 21 not-for-profit partners and 132 industry partners committed to building housing for the BOP market at fairly negotiated prices.
FBN International brings together over 3,400 family businesses, 11,000 individual members including 4,500 Next-Generation members.
The fischer injection mortars FIS V and FIS EM as well as the bolt anchor FBN II were among the products used.
The event included a panel discussion between family members from Sultan family, H E Maqbool Sultan and Husain Sultan, and a key guest-speaker from the network of FBN International, Antonio Gallardo Ballart.
The long-term local currency deposit ratings of Sterling, Union and FBN have been affirmed at B2, as their b3 BCAs continue benefiting from one notch of government support uplift.
As each new farmer joins the FBN Network, every member's seed information, agronomic analytics and buying power gets stronger.
As the functional abnormalities of depression can be explored by FBN, many classification methods based on FBN are developed for depression disorder classification.
Tim Carry , whohas led all distribution efforts for FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network (FBN) since their inception, will exit Nov.