FBOXFloating Point Box
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Yang et al., "Overexpression of an Fbox protein gene reduces abiotic stress tolerance and promotes root growth in rice," Molecular Plant, vol.
With a brand new Fbox gadget and mobile app, it's possible to geo-target people with the most relevant offers and convert online fans into offline customers.
Our FBO and FBOX Series Flaskless Molding Machines have revolutionized the flaskless molding market.
Atrogin-1, a muscle-specific Fbox protein highly expressed during muscle atrophy.
The transcription factor CEBP-1 and a number of MAP kinases and MAPK interacting proteins have also been shown as necessary for the RPM-1 phenotype [51], as well as the Fbox protein FSN-1 [52].
High-quality bicycles can now be transported securely in the FBox from the company formgE-ter GmbH, Berlin, Germany.
Retrieved December 5, 2000 from the World Wide Web: http:// fbox.vt.edu:10021/studentinfo/ugradhonor/html/judicial_statistics.html/.
The accompanying figure depicts the major functional blocks of the EV-4, which include 8KB 1-cache, 8KB D-cache and two associated translation buffers, a four-entry 32B/entry write buffer, a pipelined 64B integer execution unit with 32-entry register file (IRF + EBOX), and a pipelined floating-point unit with an additional 32 registers (FRF + FBOX).
Vilnius, Lithuania, February 28, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Fbox, a high visibility Facebook “Like” counter, announces the launch of its promising crowdfunding campaign.
While the employees were at the Sintokogio manufacturing facility, they also were able to watch a Sinto FBOX horizontal molding machine in production.