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FBPFolate Binding Protein
FBPFructose Bisphosphate
FBPFiltered Back Projection
FBPFiltered Back-Projection (algorithm)
FBPFédération Belge des Podologues (French: Belgian Federation of Podiatrists)
FBPFood by Prescription (healthcare)
FBPFinal Boiling Point
FBPFederal Bureau of Prisons
FBPFédération Belge des Psychologues (French: Belgian Federation of Psychologists; Belgium)
FBPFrance Business Partner
FBPFédération Belge des Photographes (French: Belgian Federation of Photographers)
FBPFriends of the Border Patrol
FBPFracture Breakdown Pressure (geomechanics)
FBPFee Basis Provider (US DoD)
FBPFlexible Benefit Plan (insurance)
FBPFringe Benefit Pool (various organizations)
FBPFinal Bulk Product
FBPFleet Boat Pool (US Navy)
FBPFull Blood Picture
FBPFluid Bed Processor (materials processing)
FBPForeign Buyer Program
FBPFlamenco Black Pearl (Honda paint color)
FBPForeign Bills Purchased (banks)
FBPFactory Based Price
FBPFluid Balance Panel (medical tests)
FBPFires Behavior Prediction (forestry industry)
FBPFederal Business Practice(s)
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A statement issued after the conclusion of Bahrain's 2019 Article IV Consultation with the UN body said IMF's executive board directors have welcomed the FBP that aims to reduce the fiscal deficit by increasing non-oil revenue and improving spending efficiency.
The FBP targets to gradually return budgetary spending to around 20 per cent of GDP, from around 27 per cent last year and also to double non-oil revenue as a share of budgetary expenditure.
Fitch placed FBP's ratings on Rating Watch Negative on Oct.
Nevertheless, in the cleaned, fillet and smoked fish species, FBP emerge in a rate of 30-45% depending on the style of the process, as well and it is the non-economical and residue part of the industry (Alder et al., 2008).
Image quality, semiquantitative analysis with SUV, and fully quantitative analysis with kinetic modeling parameters from four reconstruction algorithms were investigated: FBP, OSEM, OSEM method with time-of-flight information (TOF), and OSEM method modeled with both time-of-flight information and point-spread-function (TPSF).
Except the deconvolution function [d.sub.i] and the summation of the deconvolved subbands, the equation equals to the ordinary FBP [17].
Saudi Arabia has some fiscal space that should be used to undertake a more gradual fiscal consolidation that balances the budget by 2022 rather than in 2019 as originally set out in the FBP.
0.1% Ca[Cl.sub.2]-2[H.sub.2]O, 0.15% MgS[O.sub.4]- 7[H.sub.2]O, and 0.2% K[H.sub.2]P[O.sub.4] were also added in the medium for the optimal production FBP.
Thus, the measured process by the XFCT based on sheet-beam geometry can be viewed approximately as Radon transform, and FBP algorithm can be used to reconstruct XFCT images.
The report provides comprehensive information on the Folate Receptor Alpha (Adult Folate Binding Protein or Folate Receptor 1 or KB Cells FBP or Ovarian Tumor Associated Antigen MOv18 or FOLR1), targeted therapeutics, complete with analysis by indications, stage of development, mechanism of action (MoA), route of administration (RoA) and molecule type.