FBP1Floral Binding Protein 1
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A 7000-rad whole-genome cattle-hamster RH panel (SUNbRH) consisting of 92 hybrids was used to map the FBP1 gene with the primer pair F1-R (Table 1).
gov/blast/) with the human FBP1 mRNA (NM_000507) resulted in eight ESTs for the bovine FBP1 gene.
html) with the bovine FBP1 cDNA resulted in a Bos Taurus un-mapped genomic contig (NW_969386, BtUn-WGA4471-2) with an E-value of [2e.
Taqman analysis was performed to determine the relative mRNA level of FBP1 in various tissues.
Characterization of a SNP in the bovine FBP1 gene and association of SNP with traits
Using the primer pair F-R that flanks the 5th intron of the FBP1 gene (Table 1), we amplified a fragment of 1,157 bp from all animals studied.
2005), we found that the bovine FBP1 gene is closely linked to a framework marker BM3412 at a 2-point LOD score of 29.
In the present study, we cloned and characterized the cDNA of the bovine FBP1 gene.
In human and mouse, FBP1 occurs at a high level in liver and low in some nongluconeogenic tissues, such as skeletal muscle and brain (Horecker et al.