FBPARFixed Base Precision Approach Radar
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The AN/FPN-67 FBPAR is a Precision Approach Radar (PAR) application intended for permanent airfield installation.
The FBPAR is a replacement system for aging Department of Defense (DoD) precision approach radars, including the AN/GPN-22, FPN-40, CR-62, and FPN-63.
The Army's new FBPAR, designated AN/FPN-67, will be installed in permanent locations at Army airfields.
The ATNAVICS and FBPAR Systems are based upon Raytheon's 50-year heritage of military air traffic control and landing systems.
The ATNAVICS and FBPAR systems are solidly based upon a heritage of Raytheon's military air traffic control and landing systems development for the Department of Defense that goes back more than 35 years.