FBPSFellow of the British Psychological Society
FBPSFire Behavior Prediction System (Canada)
FBPSForeground-Background Processor Sharing (economics)
FBPSFrenchman's Bay Public School (Canada)
FBPSFloating Battery Power System
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According to EM's evaluation, the quality and effectiveness of Fluor-BWXT Portsmouths (FBP) work during the period was good in the areas of project management and environmental safety, health and quality.
Some FBPs induce protective antibodies and are vaccine candidates for the prevention of GAS infection.
Furthermore, FBPs for intense behavior often will require that intervention continue unchanged over extended periods of time.
Figure 17 shows that the measured FBPs of the hybrid antenna are relatively consistent compared with the simulated ones within the operating band.
It is surely illogical to argue that the writer of a text is not the (main) encoder of the text and is not responsible for the text while the implied author who has not written the text is the (main) encoder of the text and is "responsible for every word in the text." As we have seen, the logical picture is consistently offered by Booth behind his language of creation: (1) it is the implied author rather than the historical author who has written the text ("in this manner"); (2) precisely because the implied author is the only writer/encoder/producer of the text, the implied author is responsible for every word in the text ("his own choices") ; and (3) the so-called "historical author" ("real author" or "the everyday lives, the FBPs") is actually outside the writing process altogether.
Tomographic reconstructions can be computed by a variety of different techniques such as filtered backprojection (FBP) (Feldkamp et al, 1984; Kak and Slaney, 1988), algebraic reconstruction techniques (ART) (Gilbert, 1972; Carazo etal, 2005), geometric tomography (Gardner, 1995) or discrete tomography (Batenburg, 2005; Herman and Kuba, 2007).
In three separate metaanalyses conducted in the mid-1990's comprising a total of 26 randomized controlled clinical trials and more than 18,000 patients, umbilical artery velocimetry, when combined with FBPs, reduced the fetal death rate in high risk pregnancies (fetal growth restriction and/or hypertension) by more than 40% and the perinatal mortality rate by more than 30%.
university-affiliated FBPs has grown dramatically from about 90 (Carlock, 1995) to more than 130 in 1997.
Often called cafeteria plans, FBPs address only the pretax contributions employees are allowed to make rather than the full menu of benefit choices the more general term implies.
Each fringe benefit in FBPs must meet all of the related provisions of the income tax laws and regulations, as well as nearly all of the provisions for "cafeteria" plans.
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