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FBRFortnite Battle Royale (gaming)
FBRFueled by Ramen (record label)
FBRFederal Board of Revenue (Pakistan)
FBRFast Breeder Reactor
FBRFinkel-Biskis-Reilly (virus)
FBRFederal Benefit Rate
FBRFranchise Business Review (market research; Portsmouth, NH)
FBRFrequency Based Replacement
FBRFlashback Express Recorder
FBRFriedman, Billings, Ramsey Group, Inc. (investment firm)
FBRFollow Back Resistance
FBRFoundation for Biomedical Research
FBRFluidized Bed Reactor
FBRFoundation for Blood Research
FBRFederal Bureau of Reclamation
FBRFull Blown Rose (rock band)
FBRFolkbildningsrådet (Sweden)
FBRFeedback Report
FBRFixed Bed Reactor
FBRFaster Block Rate (gaming, Diablo 2)
FBRFermeture Bâtiment du Roussillon (French building company)
FBRFront to Back Ratio
FBRForeign Body Removal
FBRFaçonnage Brochage Rennais (French building firm)
FBRFaites de Beaux Rêves (French: Sweet Dreams)
FBRFrequency-Based Replacement
FBRFinite Basis Representation
FBRFranko Bullet Rotator (fishing lure)
FBRFlorida Boxer Rescue
FBRFlowing Black Robe (Everquest game item)
FBRFreeboard Ratio
FBRFireball Radius
FBRFoundation for Biblical Research
FBRFire and Burglary-Resistant (safes)
FBRFachvereinigung Betriebsund Regenwassernutzung
FBRFabric-Based Replication (storage technique)
FBRFinancial Budget Review
FBRFouled Beyond Repair (polite form)
FBRFormula Based Regulation
FBRForward-Backward Ratio (antenna directivity)
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Sources said the prime minister has convened a meeting of grade 21 and 22 officers of the FBR on Wednesday.
The Ambassador of China further said that State Taxation Administration of the People's Republic of China which is a revenue collecting authority in China would be willing to cooperate with FBR which would enable both the departments to learn each other's best practices for mutual benefit.
The Chief Justice then ordered the FBR to furnish the details of Aleema Khan's property so that the Supreme Court review the tax record.
As part of its campaign, the FBR has started sending notices to the non-filers of income tax returns.
It also put a question mark over the FBR's strategy under which it goes after small amounts but is content with letting billions of rupees slip from its hands.
Earlier explaining major features of the CRM, Member Information Technology FBR Ms.
From this it is evident that the FBR value is nowhere near the 85pc of the market value as claimed by the FBR.
Chairman FBR hoped that requisite steps would have been taken by the banks to gather such information.
'The FBR does not want to establish direct contact with account holders to maintain people's confidence in FBR,' he added.
The FBR chairman said that the CNIC requirement had not emerged in income tax law, rather it came under sales tax law.
The decision to reshuffle thousands of officials of grade-14 to grade-22 comes on the heels of successful culmination of tax amnesty scheme that has given a good reason to the FBR to go after people who still remain outside the tax net.
'FBR has until 10.10.2018 received 482,275 Income Tax returns for the Tax Year 2018, which are 170,208 more than the 312,067 Income Tax returns received for Tax Year 2017 by the same date, registering an impressive increase of 55%,' reads a statement issued by FBR