FBREFriends of Banica River and the Environment (Philippines)
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The simulated results encoded by FBRE can be compared in terms of the bit rate and quality to those encoded by CBRE.
where [R.sup.FBRE.sub.i] and [R.sup.CBRE.sub.i] indicate the bit rates by FBRE and CBRE in the ith cluster, respectively.
Efectiveness of mycotoxin sequestration activity of micronized wheat fbres on distribution of ochratoxin A in plasma, liver and kidney of piglets fed a naturally contaminated diet.
Porous Polyurethane Composites with Natural Fbres, Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers, Cracow University of Technology, Poland.
For reservations and more information, visit rotanatimes.com, call +971 4 321 1111 or e-mail fbres.almurooj@rotana.com.
Seria interesantisimo saber que se cruzaba por la mente de estas personas cuando, a pocos metros de distancia, se encontraban con las familias guarani entonando canciones tradicionales y ofreciendo el libro-disco YvyPoty Yva'a Fbres e frutos da terra, grabado por grupos de danza y canto mbya-guarani en colaboracion con la UFRGS (Figura 4).