FBRSFrankl Behaviour Rating Scale
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ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has exempted sales tax on import of textile machinery piled up at the Karachi ports to pave way for its clearance.
In FBRs, hMSCs grow on dense macrocarriers or as larger capsules (500 f m diameter) which form a stable bed inside the reactor.
But the effects of feeding fermented biogas residue (FBR) on growth performance, serum biochemical parameters, and meat quality for growing and finishing pigs are not clear.
Of the 24 patients in the prospective study's follow-up group, 16 patients (32 feet) were measured with the FBRS (Foot Build Registration System).
FBRs are provided in accordance with the format given in the Table 1, which includes: ID, [X.sub.1], [X.sub.2],......[X.sub.9], [C.sub.i] The meaning of symbols is described in the Table 2.
(18) The key feature of the FBR is that it would not require large quantities of "new" imported uranium and plutonium to run.
Nobody loves the roar of the crowd more than flashy Colombian Camilo Villegas, and with the Arizona Cardinals playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, the noise levels at the FBR Open at sunny Scottsdale could be their highest yet with 100,000 bevvied-up spectators expected on the weekend, 20,000 of them whooping it up at the notorious short 16th.
FBRs use liquid-metal sodium for the reactor coolant and are able to generate more fuel than they consume; this is achieved through burn-up of uranium and plutonium mixed oxide (MOX) fuel using fast neutrons.
That, Krupnov says, gives Russia the opportunity to sell its FBRs on the Asian market.
"(Under the present government policies,) light water reactors (LWRs), which are now commercially used in Japan, shall eventually be taken over by FBRs," Togo said in a speech at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan.