FBSSFailed Back Surgery Syndrome
FBSSFamily Based Safety Services (Texas)
FBSSFront-Back-Side-Side (automotive adjustable suspension)
FBSSFull Body Shrink Sleeve (packaging)
FBSSFlowing Black Silk Sash (EverQuest gaming)
FBSSFast Base Station Switching
FBSSFranklin Blades Skating School (Franklin, MA)
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1) In non-colluding Eves scenario, FBSs adjacent to the most dangerous Eve are cooperative FBSs.
The proposed algorithm activates and deactivates a group of FBSs according to dynamically varying traffic load while satisfying the rate requirement of all the associated UEs.
High-frequency stimulation at the DRG was effective in the treatment of pain associated with FBSS and for pain localized to the back and lower extremities.
A network energy consumption minimization problem is formulated under the constraint of coverage performance, and the optimal deployment density and the transmit power of MBSs and FBSs are obtained through solving the optimization problem.
A case report in chronic neuropathic pain secondary to FBSS undergoing SCS showed an improvement in lower limb muscle strength and in the motor performance during gait and a reduction in claudicatio independent from the analgesic effect [10].
The patients' preoperative diagnoses included degenerative disc disease (DDD) with disc herniation in nine patients (two recurrent, seven primary herniations), DDD in four patients, degenerative spondylolisthesis (SL) in two patients, FBSS in two patients, and DDD with instability in one patient, respectively.
Based on these observations, the present study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of um-PEA (Normast) add-on therapy in conjunction with TPD + PGB standard treatment in the management of chronic pain in pain-resistant patients suffering from FBSS.
When FBSS takes over in January 2013, James entered as the family's caseworker.
We consider a two-tier HetNet system that includes one MBS and K TR-employed FBSs where MBS serves [N.sub.0] macrocell users (MUs) and the k-th FBS communicates [N.sub.k] femtocell users (FUs) through a shared spectrum during transmission of MBS and FBSs.
The FBSS described here redefined past practices by explicitly connecting the home-based program with the beginning of kindergarten.
syndrome (FBSS), complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), neuropathic