FBUSFronted Bus
FBUSFrame Bus
FBUSFlood Brook Union School (Londonderry, VT)
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Meanwhile the threat of fresh strikes by firefighters grew today when FBU general secretary Andy Gilchrist warned there was little point in holding further peace talks.
Indeed, because the FBUS acted as the federal government's fiscal agent, it continually received state banks' obligations.
The FBUS's bid for renewal of its 20-year charter was defeated in Congress by one vote.
Without the FBUS, financing the War of 1812 was greatly hampered because loans had to be obtained from many small state banks.
(56.) Memorandum by Director, ONEAA (Henderson) to Undersecretary of State (Acheson), 7 June 1946, FBUS 1946, 7: 619.
The FBU has been at the heart of the Labour Party as an affiliate for most of its existence and a key part of the labour movement.
I am proud to lead a Labour Party that is supported by the FBU and its members campaigning for workers rights, social justice and defending our public services.