FBUTFluorescein Break-Up Time (dry eye testing technique)
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(36,37) Measurement of the TBUT with fluorescein is, therefore, considered an invasive technique denoted as the fluorescein break-up time (FBUT).
Conversely, suppose that there exists a convex function on the positive axis I = [0, [infinity]) which is not 2-convex function fbut an A-convex function.
COBRA coverage, Medicare expenses fbut not Medigap), and retiree health expenses for individuals age 65 and older.
She was able to walk away fbut was fitted with a neck brace by the course doctor later as a precaution.Spa Lane turned backed the clock to repeat his 1998 victory in the Sea-Land Handicap.
FBut for the executive teams at big clubs, getting an existing player to put pen to paper on a new contract is always a bigger deal - a real reason to crack open the champagne.
FBut for Chris Dagnall, this is something he didn't have to think twice about.
FBut some celebrated authors, painters and music stars who have been offered such awards have turned them down.
FBut when you buy this home, it comes with The Red Cow Fishbar next door as part of the deal.
fBut recent investment in infrastructure and a lucrative purse of [euro]6.25m has helped elevate the tournament to even greater heights.
FBut Cabinet Office Minister Matt Hancock has now announced that no legal changes are needed because the Act is "working well".
FBut it's amazing what we can grow in our own gardens to make it look and feel like we do.