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FBWFly By Wire
FBWFighter Bomber Wing (USAF)
FBWFrame Buffer Write
FBWFlash Bios Writer
FBWFranz Brozincevic & Cie (vehicle manufacturer; Wetzikon, Switzerland)
FBWFree Basic Water (South Africa)
FBWFasting Blood Work
FBWFleet Base West (Australia)
FBWFixed Broadband Wireless (telecommunications)
FBWFarm Bureau Women (various locations)
FBWFritsch-Buttenberg-Wiechell Rearrangement (chemical reaction)
FBWFetal Birth Weight
FBWFunctional Bandwidth
FBWFat Burning Walk (exercise)
FBWFamily Biography Workshop (healthcare)
FBWFree Battered Women (formerly California Coalition for Battered Women in Prison; San Francisco, CA)
FBWFBP Border Watch
FBWFlow Bandwidth Window
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Effect of CLA feeding on the growth performance of broiler chicken Items df Fixed effect model (3) (1) (2) ES z-value p-value FBW 14 -0.
The FBW also offers ON/OFF for minimal current drain during system down-time.
A hearing before Pulaski County Circuit Judge Jay Moody is expected in late January or early February on the Insurance Department's petition to liquidate Signature Life and foreclose on the FBW properties.
FBW 2016's headline sponsors are AGS Security Systems (sponsors of the Flintshire Business Awards) and Westbridge Furniture Designs (sponsors of the Flintshire Business Exhibition).
CANEUS FBW partner Bombardier found use of 'fly by wire' systems reduced average load by roughly 600 pounds per plane, improved systems integration, reduced aggregate weight by roughly 1000 pounds, and composite wiring and connectors weight by 120 pounds.
In [10], a broadband quadrature power divider with FBW of 104% was developed.
Since 2008, more than 250 FBW delegates have taken advantage of the annual gathering to raise the profile of their company, gain business contacts and discuss issues with politicians.
Whitbeck personally guaranteed $2 million, and his FBW LLC is on the hook for the balance.
The variation of the FBW versus coupling coefficient C and equivalent characteristic impedance ZT, computed from (10), (15), and (16), is plotted in Figures 2(a) and (b), respectively.
Organisers of FBW will host a breakfast trading event on Friday at 8am.
The Regional Economy is the theme for today, beginning with an official opening by Lord Barry Jones, the new president of FBW, at St David's Hotel, Ewloe.