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In this section, we evaluate the sound speed [c.sub.Bf], attenuation coefficient [[alpha].sub.Bf], and compressibility coefficient [[kappa].sub.Bf] of (FC-43)-He mixture, for several bubble sizes and over a large frequency range by conserving the same bubble density in the liquid ([N.sub.r] = 1 x [10.sup.11]/[m.sup.3]) (Figure 1(a)).
The compressibility change obtained by adding helium gas bubbles to Fluorinert FC-43 liquid (Figure 1 and Table 1) implies a higher nonlinearity of the medium at certain frequency ranges [17-19].
The numerical results presented in the previous section revealed the strong nonlinear character of ultrasound at quite high amplitude in (FC-43)-He mixture.
The acoustic nonlinearity of the bubbly medium (FC-43)-He reflected by the very high nonlinear parameter [beta] obtained in Section 3.3 leads to the prospect of using this medium for generating a low difference frequency signal from two high frequency signals by nonlinear mixing [11, 14, 28].
This work shows the high acoustic nonlinearity of a unique medium composed of Fluorinert FC-43 liquid in which a population of tiny helium gas bubbles is evenly distributed.