FC1Fire Controlman First Class (Naval Rating)
FC1Function Code 1
FC1Fiber Channel 1
FC1Fault Condition Type 1 (ANSI)
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Complete with iron sights, Surefire flashlight and FC1 optic, unloaded my new pistol tips the scales at 7 pounds even, and with the brace extended, balances nicely over the magazine well.
Bloque principal (OB1): genera el paro de emergencia y activa todos los bloques FC1 al FC5.
Table 1 Target reliability indices of engineering systems Consequence Functional working class class For 20 years reference period of For 50 years equipment's reference period of construction works FC1 FC2 FC3 FC1 FC2 FC3 CC1 0.
In terms of the protocol, all that differed between the trial of S1 (FC1) and the trials of S2 (FC2 and BS) was the number of extrapolation points (10 vs 5) and the digitising sampling frequency (50 Hz for FC1 - i.
Distribution of the participants according to the four groups Groups E C FC1 FC2 Sum Total students 24 23 25 13 85 Male 24 23 17 13 77 Female 0 0 8 0 8 Table 2.
For the two FCs, similarly, FC1 always generates more power than FC2, while sometimes FC2 starts running even though FC1 does not reach the full power under its constraints.
Durante la operacion de los FL y FC, el color aparente presento reducciones en sus niveles, reportando remociones de hasta 90% y 91% en el FL1 y el FL2 respectivamente y cercanos al 100% en el FC1 y FC2.
Hampel FC1, "Double-blind, placebo- controlled study of azelastine and fluticasone in a single nasal spray delivery device" Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol.
22) en los dos primeros factores extraidos, FC1 (confianza) y FC2 (desconfianza), Tierralta (Cordoba, Colombia), noviembre 2011 a enero 2012.
Then, four regions of interest (ROI's) were computed: frontal -F-: (FP1, FPZ, FP2, AF3, AF4, F7, F5, F3, F1, FZ, F2, F4, F6, F8); temporal -T-: (FT7, FC5, FC6, FT8, T7, C5, C6, T8, TP7, CP5, CP6, TP8); central -C-: (FC3, FC1, FCZ, FC2, FC4, C3, C1, CZ, C2, C4, CP3, CP1, CPZ, CP2, CP4) and parieto-occipital -PO-: (P7, P5, P3, P1, PZ, P2, P4, P6, P8, PO7, PO5, P03, POZ, PO4, PO6, PO8, CB1, O1, OZ, O2, CB2) (figure 1).
Table 4 Participants' Rating of the Impact of Training on Measures of Their Firms' Competitiveness Measures of 5 4 3 (Very (High) (Moderate) High) Competitiveness N % n % n % FC1 43 38.