FCABFront Control Arm Bushing (automotive)
FCABFernald Citizens Advisory Board (Fernald, OH)
FCABFree Chicken and Beer (band)
FCABFerrocarril de Antofagasta (Chile) A Bolivia (railroad)
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EGA claimants feeling aggrieved by the decisions made by the IWGs concerning the EGA amount offered to them or about their eligibility may lodge appeals to the FCAB.
and FCAB will continue the operations of FFS GmbH as shareholders, supporting the sales of Ferrari cars in Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland and certain other European countries by providing vehicle financing solutions to Ferrari customers.
The collaboration will leverage F-stars Modular Antibody Technology and Denalis expertise in the development of therapeutics for neurological diseases to generate Fcabs (constant Fc-domains with antigen-binding activity), which can bind to transporters in the blood brain barrier (BBB).
These assets comprises FS102 and other Fcabs or bispecific antibodies (mAb2 ) against oncology and immuno-oncology targets, generated through the company s Modular Antibody Technology platform.