FCAFFuel Cells Application Facility (Centre for Process Innovation; UK)
FCAFFederal Consistency Assessment Form
FCAFFoothills Climate Analysis Facility (University of Calgary; Canada)
FCAFFaculty of Agriculture and Forestry
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FCAF is actively working with more than eight regional companies in new product development and has had its first business incubator unit taken by Cellspace, an innovative alternative energy company that is developing new markets for fuel cells and other low carbon technologies for the building sector.
The FCAF Development Centre allows companies such as Cellspace to develop and test systems up to 5kW.
Supported by One NorthEast and working with regional and international partners the FCAF Development Centre plans to demonstrate fuel cell systems in transport, low carbon buildings and off grid applications such as traffic signs where there is no electrical supply.
The FCAF is now developing a strong industrial cluster to support fuel cell related companies.
The FCAF Development Centre will open its doors at the end of the month.