FCAIFederal Chamber of Automotive Industries (Australia)
FCAIFujitsu Components America, Inc. (est. 1996; Sunnyvale, CA)
FCAIFinishing Contractors Association of Illinois (est. 2002)
FCAIFinancial Competence Assessment Inventory
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FCAI's decision to introduce its MOPAR customer care programme is also part of the "counter measures" being put in place to correct its sales slide, he added.
"Incompatibility aversion" refers to E10 avoidance by consumers whose vehicles are not certified for E10 use, according to a well cited list of manufacturer recommendations compiled by the FCAI (2014).
Focusing on the first column, we see the IPART report estimates that in 2014, 21% of registered vehicles on the roads were on the FCAI list as incompatible with El0.
According to the FCAI the new code will lead to a reduction of up to two million tonnes of greenhouse gases by 2010.
As far as can be determined from sources which include the FCAI, FAPM, and key suppliers, there is a total population of component manufacturers to the automotive industry of about 280-300.
The FCAI identified low levels of business confidence as one key impediment to the auto sector's near-term prospects, with business sales down 7.1% year-to-date.
The FCAI had decried the move, saying that it would have 'dire consequences for Australia's vehicle industry, both locally-made and imported'.
Elsewhere, while business sales remain subdued (down 8.4% y-o-y year-to-date), government purchases were reportedly up 6.4% y-o-y over 7M13, according to the FCAI.
The NTCs Carbon Emissions Intensity for New Australian Light Vehicles 2017 report uses data from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) to report on the national average carbon emissions intensity from passenger and light commercial vehicles sold in Australia.
As per FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber,"However, this is a slight decrease compared to 2012, where passenger cars held 51.7 percent of the market.
(FCAI) has announced its 90 percent transparent, resistive-film touch panels.
Pensions expert Ros Altman said: "It is shocking the FCAis not proposing immediate action to stop misselling.