FCATFlorida Comprehensive Assessment Test (statewide standardized test for Florida school children)
FCATFilm Certification Appellate Tribunal (India)
FCATFaculty of Communication, Art and Technology (Simon Fraser University; Canada)
FCATFour Corners Aquatic Team (Farmington, NM)
FCATFederal Conciliation and Arbitration Tribunal (Mexico)
FCATFocused Collection and Analysis Team (US Navy)
FCATFORTRAN (Formula Translator) Coverage Analysis Tool (computer programming)
FCATFonds de Compensation des Accidents du Travail (French: Work Accidents Compensation Fund)
FCATFair Competition Automation Tools
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The requirement to obtain NOC from the PMO, since either references are made to the PM or a character is portrayed as the PM, have no legal basis or foundation," the FCAT ruled.
The FCAT headed by ( retd) justice Manmohan Sarin found merit in their arguments against the orders of the CBFC's Examining and Revising Committees, that had refused certification on the ground that the film showed women in bad light, particularly targeting women of a certain community, and that might hurt sentiments.
While elementary participants in this study tended overall to offer more positive responses about how the FCAT makes them feel, the majority of middle and high school participant responses indicated a neutral view of the assessment.
The targeted students were fifth graders identified as at-risk in the following categories: Students scoring at Level 1 or 2 (below grade level) on the Reading subtest of the FCAT, and/or exhibiting overall deficiencies in the areas of reading and comprehension based on teacher evaluation and observation.
The figure documents clear positive movement across the test-score distribution for the first cohort of students that needed to reach a minimal score on the FCAT exam in order to be promoted from the 3rd to the 4th grade (2003).
There was also a third Egyptian entry in the FCAT competition: Garbage Dreams, a documentary directed by M.
Eighth-grade FCAT Reading data from the FLDOE online database was used.
The SSS skills and strategies were introduced at the beginning of the school year in five weekly classroom lessons followed by monthly classroom booster lessons that led up to FCAT testing in the spring.
School grades are based on students' performance on the reading, math and writing sections of the FCAT, which students take in the spring.
They enjoyed Blue Suede Shoes Jeopardy, You Make Me Want to Shout Password, HepCAT Explorer (focused on the state's FCAT test), and Twist and Shout Foldable (teaching fun note-taking techniques).
3 5224 FCAT Grade FCAT Grade 5 FCAT Grade 4 Reduced Price 5 % Math % Reading % Writing Lunches Level 5 Level 3 Alta Vista 5 4 83 73 Ashton 20 12 92 14 Bay Haven 13 6 99 22.