FCB-TIFormal Characteristics of Behaviour Temperament Inventory
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In the second and third samples, the factorial structures of the TCB and ECB of the FCB-TI were examined respectively through CFA.
Relationship between FCB-TI Scales and Structural Equivalence
The correlation matrix of the six FCB-TI scales is presented in Table 4.
Correlations were calculated between the six scales of the FCB-TI and four scales of the EPQ-RSC.
The aim of the research was to report on the Chinese adaptation of the FCB-TI as well as to provide information about the adaptation procedure and the psychometric properties of this version using several large samples of Chinese individuals.
As expected, the internal consistencies were similar to those found in other versions of the FCB-TI (.64 to .87, Zawadzki et al., 2001) and were considered satisfactory, with all Cronbach's a values ranging from .77 to .85 for the first sample, .69 to .83 for the second sample, and from .64 to .85 for the third sample.
Inter-correlations among FCB-TI scales in the second sample were also quite similar to those observed in the Italian version (De Pascalis et al., 2000).
On another issue, the correlation patterns observed between the scores of the FCB-TI and the EPQ-RSC scales offered further evidence for the validity of the instrument as adapted into Chinese.
The results indicate that the Chinese FCB-TI allows for a valid assessment of temperament in adults.
The Formal Characteristics of Behavior-Temperament Inventory (FCB-TI): Preliminary results of the Italian version.
Predicting Illness-Related Outcomes with FCB-TI Trait Pairs.