FCBGAFlip Chip Bga
FCBGAFlip Chip Ball Grid Array
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Kyocera was the sole company among multiple suppliers awarded for supplying superior FCBGA substrates.
Five 50mm FCBGA devices and five 52.5mm FCBGA devices, with known voiding, were used in the study.
The 1849 FCBGA was a high speed and high performance package targeting applications such as high-end graphic, high-end server, microprocessor and telecommunication routers/switchers.
Eight FCBGA with DC were laid out on the test vehicle (TV) (1), and two [mu]PGA sockets were laid out on another TV (2) to trace the reliability of the package and solder joint.
Visual inspection was performed on the periphery solder joint of the FCBGA package and socket by using an optical microscope.
The PM3393 S/UNI 1x10GE-XP transceiver is packaged in a small footprint 27 mm by 27 mm, 672-pin FCBGA. First samples of this device will be available in Q4 of 2002.
COMPANY PACKAGE PINS 0.5 mm-pitch Amkor fcCSP 180 Actel CS281 281 0.8 mm-pitch Quicklogic PT-280 280 Altera DS-484UBGA05 484 1 mm-pitch Actel FBGA 1152 1152 Cypress Semi 51-85179 1152 eASIC 1152-FCBGA 1152 Intel MCH 1300 AMI Semi 1704 FFBGA 1704 Lattice Semi 1704 fcBGA 1704 Xilinx FF1760 1760 Altera DS-1760FBGA 1760 NEC FCBGA 1849 1849 Fujitsu FC_BGA 2116 Toshiba PBGA[FC] 2304 TI GTM (N2377) 2377