FCBTFarm Credit Bank of Texas (Austin, TX)
FCBTFootball Club Breteil-Talensac (French football club)
FCBTFlight Centre Business Travel (Australia)
FCBTFormación Continua Bonificada del Trabajador (Spanish business training company)
FCBTCenter for Innovative Fuel Cell and Battery Technologies (Georgia Tech Research Institute)
FCBTFlorida Classical Ballet Theater
FCBTFootball Club Blangy Tronville (French football club)
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FCBT chose AT&T Skynet Clearlink Service provided by AT&T Tridom because VSATs (very small aperture terminals) are generally more cost-effective, easier to install, more reliable and more flexible than terrestrial alternatives.
Our satellite dishes are not fixed in place," says Mike Jay, communications analyst for FCBT.
No one can just buy a dish, start receiving FCBT data and decipher loans," Jay says.
Ratings could also be negatively affected should FCBT stray from its core mission or assume risks not wholly related to its mission.
This access is a key factor considered in the rating, as this funding is the primary source of liquidity for FCBT.
While the FCS and FCBT are not guaranteed by the U.
Recognizing its mission to meet the funding and liquidity needs of its district, FCBT maintains a minimum 120 days of liquidity on a continuous basis assuming no capital markets access.
As an instrumentality of the FCS, FCBT helps fulfill an important public mission to promote a healthy agricultural industry by ensuring reliable credit and liquidity to borrowers.
As an instrumentality of the FCS, FCBT helps fulfill an important public mission; promoting a healthy agricultural industry by ensuring that there is reliable availability of credit and liquidity for creditworthy agricultural borrowers.
FCBT has adopted prudent risk management and corporate governance standards.
Proactive alerts detail the performance of tape media and drives for FCBT administrators, allowing them to precisely monitor and manage daily backup snapshots critical to business continuity.
By providing us with consistent, accurate data surrounding our backup process and performance, we gain considerable trust in the storage and readability of our tape media - a vital part of ensuring the integrity of our customer information," said Budd Trippet, senior network administrator at FCBT.