FCCQFédération des Chambres de Commerce du Québec (French: Federation of Quebec Chambers of Commerce; Quebec, Canada)
FCCQFonds Chantiers Canada-Québec (French: Canada-Quebec Building Fund; Canada)
FCCQFeline Control Council of Queensland (Petrie, Queensland, Australia)
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The total score means and standard deviations for HF patient and family versions of the FCCQ and other study scales are in Table 2.
Correlations between the patient and family versions of the FCCQ and the FCCQ-P and measures of family function are in Table 5.
Overall, these correlations of the FCCQ with related family functioning measures support construct validity of both versions of the FCCQ, but are low enough to support the supposition that the FCCQ is indeed measuring a different aspect of family functioning.
An exploratory factor analysis was conducted to determine the factor structure of the scale items for the FCCQ.
In general, the preliminary reliability and validity data support the patient and family versions of the FCCQ as having adequate reliability and construct validity.
The construct validity of the FCCQ was supported through relationships with other family function measures.
The FCCQ adequately reflects the concept of autonomy support provided by the family to patients managing their HF.
However, the usefulness of the FCCQ in clinical practice has not been demonstrated.
One of the intriguing items of the FCCQ is the item indicating that family members are disappointed in the HF patient for not following recommended lifestyle changes.