FCCRFixed Charge Coverage Ratio (finance)
FCCRFootball Club Croix-Roussien (French football club)
FCCRFederal Communications Commission Record
FCCRFirst Christian Church of Roswell (Roswell, GA)
FCCRFree Conference Committee Report (Kentucky)
FCCRFriends of Canadian Cyclocross Racers
FCCRFixed-Charge Conversion Ratio
FCCRFlight Code Change Request
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Using the FCCR approach, the authors compared estimated arsenic and mercury exposures with measured levels in the toenails and found significant, although somewhat weak, correlations (Spearman correlation coefficients of 0.
The FCCR method described here may prove useful in future epidemiological studies of long-term dietary OP exposure, particularly if it is paired with information on organic food consumption, which may modify the observed exposure-response relationship.
O primeiro projeto surgiu atraves de iniciativa do FCCR com o objetivo de fortalecer as capacidades dos atores departamentais e locais das cidades-gemeas localizadas nos cinco arcos de fronteira do Mercosul (Argentina-Uruguai; Uruguai-Brasil; Brasil-Paraguai; Paraguai--Argentina; Argentina--Brasil), buscando aprofundar a integracao fronteirica atraves da capacitacao de agentes publicos locais para a atuacao internacional, preparando-os para a formulacao e execucao de projetos de captacao de recursos junto a organismos internacionais e regionais, como o Fundo para a Convergencia Estrutural do Mercosul (FOCEM).
En el ambito especifico del turismo el FCCR ha realizado acciones para intensificar la actividad como el Seminario de Integracion Turistica, realizado el 6 de noviembre de 2008 en Foz do Iguacu Parana, Brasil, que formo parte de la Ronda de Integracion Productiva de Gobernadores y Alcaldes del Foro Consultivo de Municipios, Estados Federados, Provincias y Departamentos del Mercosur (FCCR -- Eje Sur); que debatio la creacion de itinerarios integrados entre Bolivia, Paraguay y Brasil con la tematica del Pantanal (Tebcharani, 2008).
30) Broadly similar proposals were adopted earlier for cable television in the so-called 'plug and play' Order: Second Report and Order and Second Further Notice of the Proposed Rulemaking Re Implementation of Section 304 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Commercial Availability of Navigation Devices, Compatibility between Cable Systems and Consumer Electronics Equipment, 18 FCCR 20885 (10 September 2003) ('Plug and Play Order').
32) Broadcast Flag Order, 18 FCCR 23550, [4] (4 November 2003).
The FCC was aware of the general point: Broadcast Flag Order, 18 FCCR 23550, [40] (4 November 2003).
80) See Broadcast Flag Order, 18 FCCR 23550, [29] fn 70 (4 November 2003).
103) See Broadcast Flag Order, 18 FCCR 23550, [19] (4 November 2003): 'We are equally mindful of the fact that it is difficult if not impossible to construct a content protection scheme that is impervious to attack or circumvention'.