FCCSETFederal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology
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Under Bromley's tutelage, FCCSET members are all department secretaries, deputies, and agency directors.
They discuss a broad range of science and technology issues, often running parallel to those being considered in FCCSET.
It would, however, preserve the best elements of the FCCSET process by authorizing the appointment of interagency working groups to deal with crosscutting initiatives.
At the White House, the Office of Science and Technology Policy is pushing forward several FCCSET recommendations, and the National Academy of Sciences is presently studying the matter.
The FCCSET report states: "Present access to computer networks by researchers is dependent upon individual funding or location.
An early draft of the FCCSET report included a recommendation to that effect, but all references to the need for such a lead agency disappeared from the final version because participating agencies couldn't agree on who should be doing what.
The FCCSET report includes the following "grand" challenges in its list: computing the way a fluid flows over a large, complicated surface in order to improve aircraft design or to build quieter submarines; designing new materials by starting with a list of desirable properties and the fundamental characteristics of electrons in matter; and recognizing spoken words or identifying visual objects quickly and accurately.
complains that the FCCSET list is old and uninspiring.
The report is the result of a series of FCCSET workshops involving hundreds of computer scientists and technologists from academia, industry and government.
Graham, science adviser to the President, director of OSTP, and FCCSET chair, in introducing the report.
The FCCSET committee would develop scientific policy to be used by all the agencies, Healy says.
First, they were concerned that public confidence would be undermined because the deliberations of the FCCSET committee would not be open to the public.