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FCDAFederal Civil Defense Administration
FCDAFranc Comtoise Démolition Automobile (French automotive repair company)
FCDAFamily Council on Drug Awareness
FCDAFinnish Cave Diving Association (Finland)
FCDAFlorida Cheer and Dance Association (Naples, Florida)
FCDAFederal Compensation and Deterrence Agency
FCDAFire Control Decision Aid
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Also, regulators approved an upward FCDA of 63 centavos per cu.
in the FCDA, the overall impact of the consumer price index and FCDA adjustments is an increase in the monthly water bills of Maynilad customers.
In critiquing gender inequalities, which FCDA seeks to do, two concepts that are useful for consideration in patriarchal societies are hegemonic masculinity and femininity.
Publicly, FCDA civil defense plans called for the protection of "all citizens" and the continuity of a liberal-democratic polity and social order in the event of war.
Pursuing an alternative solution, Antonio Tinio filed in 2012 a House of Representatives bill to amend the FCDA to lift confidentiality in cases of bribery and dereliction of duty.
The US Department of Energy has listed FCDA as one of the 12 most promising biological materials for the chemical industry.
FCDA education experts chose dog tags after considering tattooing, the marking of clothes, and fingerprinting.
The FCDA was wholly a civilian organization, as civilian protection was understood as ideally a civilian rather than a military undertaking.
22) Thus, pursuant to the amended FCDA, pharmaceutical companies could not introduce a new drug into the market for consumer use until they applied for and received FDA approval, which required proof of the drug's safety and efficacy.
The FCDA also wanted to probe allegations by two minister in Australia that Prof McLeod had a relationship with the daughter of an elder in 1985.