FCDIFederación Cantabra de Deportes de Invierno (Spanish: Cantabra Federation of Winter Sports)
FCDIFreundeskreis Christlicher Dichter und Internetevangelisten (German: Friends of Christian Poets and Internet Evangelists)
FCDIFournitures Caoutchouc et Droguerie Industrielles (French: Industrial Rubber and Hardware Supplies; Morocco)
FCDIFranche Comté Développement Immobilier (French real estate company)
FCDIFresno Career Development Institute, Inc. (Fresno, CA)
FCDIFangak Community Development Initiative (South Sudan)
FCDIFirst Contact Defence Initiative (gaming)
FCDIFlood Control, Drainage and Irrigation Project (Bangladesh)
FCDIForum for the Comprehensive Development of Indochina
FCDIFresnel Coherent Diffractive Imaging (medical optics)
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For example, they will combine FCDI's iPSC-derived myocardial cells with Axcelead's service to evaluate and analyze drug candidate compounds, offering a broad range of services such as evaluation of potential cardiotoxicity.
Century also has exclusive access to FCDI's leading immune effector cell differentiation protocols and intellectual property to manufacture GMP-grade immune effector cells at commercial scale.
(FCDI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujifilm Corporation, is a leading developer and supplier of human cells used in discovery, toxicity testing and regenerative medicine applications.
To develop iCell Microglia, FCDI entered into an exclusive patent license agreement with the University of California--Irvine (UCI) through its offices at UCI Applied Innovation to license and commercialize UCI's technologies for derivation of microglia in the commercial research field.
et al., Neuron, Volume 94, Issue 2, 278-293.e9), which used FCDI's proprietary iPSC-derived hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs) as well as other HPCs.
Using its advanced chemical synthesis and design capabilities cultivated in the photographic film business and the cell preparation and culturing technologies of its group companies such as Japan Tissue Engineering, FCDI and FDB, Fujifilm will accelerate the development of highly competitive cell culture media, supporting the further growth of its cell culture media business.
Significant differences were revealed in microbial analysis of the stool samples: Primary bile salts (which induce germination) were significantly elevated in those with rCDI, compared with patients with fCDI and controls--while secondary bile salts in the stool (which are protective) such as deoxycholate and lithocholate were significantly elevated in controls, compared with fCDI and rCDI (P = .0002 and P = .0007, respectively).
The median predicted bile salt hydrolase (BSH) gene abundance in rCDI was 20% of the median value in controls (P = .001), and it also was significantly lower than in fCDI (P = .001).
Under the terms of the iPSC platform license agreement, FCDI will serve as the primary manufacturer of Century's cellular products.
The license of UCI's technology enables FCDI to differentiate pluripotent stem cells into microglia cells, a brain cell type that plays a critical role in preserving the function of the brain.
With this technology, FCDI intends to develop an iPSC-derived microglia product with media, which will be critical to enabling the study of degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.