FCDPFirst Coast Diesel Performance (est. 2008)
FCDPFederação das Colectividades do Distrito do Porto (Portuguese: Federation of Associations of the District of Porto)
FCDPFranklin County Democratic Party (Columbus, OH)
FCDPFondation Canadienne des Droits de la Personne (French: Canadian Foundation for Human Rights)
FCDPFulton County Democratic Party (Atlanta, GA)
FCDPFrequency Comparison and Distribution Package (Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space)
FCDPFirst Christian Democratic Party
FCDPFiller Character for Dynamically Protected (input fields; computing)
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El efecto del FCDP en la proliferacion y quimiotaxis de los fibroblastos periodontales se ha estudiado ampliamente, sin determinar la concentracion necesaria para obtener una maxima respuesta celular.
Kayser Threde built a qualification model as part of the FCDP verification process using special radiation hardened FPGA devices mounted onto a board.