FCDPFirst Coast Diesel Performance (est. 2008)
FCDPFederação das Colectividades do Distrito do Porto (Portuguese: Federation of Associations of the District of Porto)
FCDPFranklin County Democratic Party (Columbus, OH)
FCDPFondation Canadienne des Droits de la Personne (French: Canadian Foundation for Human Rights)
FCDPFulton County Democratic Party (Atlanta, GA)
FCDPFrequency Comparison and Distribution Package (Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space)
FCDPFirst Christian Democratic Party
FCDPFiller Character for Dynamically Protected (input fields; computing)
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HI-SCALE cloud statistics from G-l flights during the spring IOPs (blue) on 25 and 27 Apr, and I, 2, 8, II, 16, 18, 19, and 20 May, and the summer IOP (red) on 29 and 30 (2 flights) Aug, and I, 3, 4 (2 flights), 7, 15 (2 flights), 17, 20, and 21 Sep, including (a) average droplet number concentration distribution and (b) average droplet mass concentration distribution, (c) Comparison of the average cloud LWC for each G-l flight measured by the WCM-2000 and derived from the FCDP, where the color denotes the correlation coefficient.
FCDP, developed by SPEC Inc., measures particles by detecting the amount of light scattered into the optics aperture during particle interaction through a laser beam.
(a) Cloud particle images sampled by airborne cloud particle imager (CPI) and twodimensional stereo (2DS) for precipitating cumulus clouds at temperatures between -2.5[degrees] and -3.5[degrees]C at Naqu on 21 Jul 2014 (see Table 4); (b) the mean raindrop size distribution of 112 rainfall events near Naqu in Jul and Aug 2014, and the fitted Marshall-Palmer (MP) (with [N.sub.0] = 8,000 [m.sup.-3] m[m.sup.-1] and R = 1.16 mm h1) and T (with N0 = 17,349.34 [m.sup.-3], y = 4.03, and A = 6.95 m[m.sup.-1]) RSDs (Chang and Guo 2016); and (c) the relationship between concentration ([L.sup.-1] A/[m.sup.-1]) and diameter (pm) of cloud particles at Naqu on 21 Jul 2014, with a 2DS, a fast cloud droplet probe (FCDP), and a high-volume precipitation spectrometer (HVPS) (see Table 4).
When talk about the beneficiaries of the MMFF came up, we learned that Congress is deliberating on giving funds to the Movie Workers Welfare Foundation (Mowelfund), Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) and the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FCDP).