FCDRFront des Citoyens pour la Défense de la République (French: Citizens Front for the Defense of the Republic; Senegal)
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Foi implementado o Sistema de Gestao de Residuos (SGR), o Sistema de Gerenciamento de Residuos (SIGRE) e a Ficha de Controle e Disposicao de Residuos (FCDR), o que permite a emissao e a impressao das FCDR's como tambem delas retirar as informacoes que serao dispostas aos orgaos ambientais.
For instance, the creation and maintenance of CDRs (functions A2 and A3) involve many activities including the creation of FCDRs that are best performed by space agencies operating the specific satellite sensor.
One aim is to achieve consistency with an existing FCDR of SSM/I and Special Sensor Microwave Imager/Sounder (SSM/IS) brightness temperatures (Fennig et al.
They further segmented satellite-based CDRs into fundamental CDRs (FCDRs), which are calibrated and quality-controlled sensor data that have been improved over time, and thematic CDRs (TCDRs), which are geophysical variables derived from the FCDRs, such as sea surface temperature and cloud fraction.